The Baker


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Highest quality prints from the Hahnemühle laboratory on PhotoRag® Ultra Smooth fine art paper ensures a distinctive depth to the fine art photography. 


Perfect as gifts or for personal collections as well as interior decoration of culinary establishments.

All print sizes are shipped in waterproof and rigid containers via secure Air Mail and delivered anywhere in the world - free of charge.



About Wet Plate Collodion

Magda Kuca’s series of The Crafters is a first of it’s kind Vivid Cuisine collection of portraits involving polish craftsmen and women from the city of Poznań. Created at the Godny Traditional Bread Bakery in the city with the bakers and their craft, using the wet plate collodion technique.


The wet plate collodion process has undergone a revival as a historical technique over the past few decades and requires the photographic material to be coated, sensitised, exposed and developed within the span of about fifteen minutes, necessitating a portable darkroom for use in the field.


Using this archaic technique, Magda wanted to bring back the significance of this craft and draws great inspiration from August Sander who also used large format camera process to create portraits of German society.


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