Pad Thai King


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Highest quality prints from the Hahnemühle laboratory on PhotoRag® Ultra Smooth fine art paper ensures a distinctive depth to the fine art photography. 


Perfect as gifts or for personal collections as well as interior decoration of culinary establishments.

All print sizes are shipped in waterproof and rigid containers via secure Air Mail and delivered anywhere in the world - free of charge.



About Khlong Toey

Where best to find inspiration, smells, colours and the buzzing energy in Thailand than at the infamous food markets of the country’s capital - Bangkok.


Khlong Toey market - the biggest wet market in the city. It’s huge, no doubt and is listed as the as one of the most authentic markets in Bangkok by CNN, as well as a place to avoid when hung over.


Indeed, whilst some of the smells and produce on display may be a little confronting at first - one has to remember that with such a high turnaround of fresh produce, nothing lings around too long before it’s snatched up by the locals, the expats and the capital’s top restaurants and chefs.