Chef Jackets

Chef Jackets
Welcome to your private tailor, where for the first time the culinary professionals are able to create their own chef jackets - tailored to precise body fit for maximum comfort,  maneuverability and prolonged performance throughout the day.
We do not have sizes - each and every garment is crafted by hand using our specially engineered Tsukisho® Cotton by our Japanese textile experts for enhanced breathability, reduced creasing and enhanced shape retention.
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Yakunitatsu | Pure Performance Jacket

  With our specially engineered Tsukisho® Cotton, the Yakunitatsu jacket is the world's ultimate custom tailored pure performance jacket for male and female culinary artists.   Designed to follow your body shape for... Learn More


Kanpeki | The Perfect Jacket

  With our specially engineered Tsukisho® Cotton, the Kanpeki jacket is the ultimate executive coat for male and female culinary artists.   Designed to follow your body shape for maximum comfort and maneuverability - whilst... Learn More