With years in research & Development - Vivid Cuisine brings you the world's most fully cusomisable blade protection - BENRI | THE KNIFE ROLL


BENRI - meaning “handy” in Japanese is our unique knife roll, combining world's most durable and lightweight materials. 


BENRI bridges design, functionality, durability and style into one sleek, solid and unique chef's companion
for the ultimate protection of your precious knife blades and cooking utensils.


Our unique and ergonomic buckles are made from Grade 5 Titanium - as used in some aeronautical machine construction for maximum strength with minimum weight.

Each knife slot is custom crafted to your exact blade measurements, ensuring a lifelong protection for the most precious tools in your collection. Each slot is also lined with Kevlar composite, which is cut resistant - ensuring your knife slots are virtually unbreakable.


Customisation includes four different choices of metal, based on your preference and feel. Choose from Brass, Alpaka, White Brass or Sterling Silver.

Our signature stitching is a work of art in itself

A double-layered cowhide knife roll


After some thorough implementations, testing and calculations - we now bring you an astonishing 80,640 possibilites of customising your knife roll, and should you have any specific requests - please contact us on workshop@vividcuisine.com to discuss.